Mortgage Financing in Silvermine, CT

Mortgage Financing in Silvermine, CT

Summit Funding Client Testimonials

At Summit Funding, we provide a world class mortgage experience for our customers, whether first time homebuyers, or the seasoned house flipper. The following testimonials from our satisfied clients, speak for themselves.

Nicole Filannino

"I’ve closed hundreds and hundreds of loans with Summit Funding. If I have a client or family member, I refer them to Dave. He refinanced my mother, my brother. He did a great job. He always does.

The team at Summit Funding is always responsive. Send an email and you get a response."

– Nicole Filannino, Real Estate Attorney


Bill K

"Dave advised us throughout the process, steered us the right way. We have been with the results ever since we moved into the house… I would recommend Dave and Summit Funding to anybody who is looking to purchase a house and go through the mortgage process He had my wife and my best interests in his mind. I’d definitely say that Dave is my Mortgage Guy."

– Bill K, Sports Marketing Executive


Maryanne K

"He doesn’t want to do something because it is the latest trend. He really thinks about you as a long term client. And, if he can protect your interests, he feels that he has done his job."

– Maryanne K, Financial Executive


Ron S.

"A friend of the family recommended me to Dave. Dave was very successful getting me a very competitive arrangement. In the current market that was an incredible proposition.

When I think of Dave I think of creativity, professionalism and friendliness."

– Ron S., Retired Executive


Ari H

"David is absolutely My Mortgage guy. There is no one else that I would recommend."

– Ari H, Real Estate Executive

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